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Michigan Gothic


- It is 3rd grade. You are taking a test about maps and have to fill in the names of The Great Lakes. It is silent. You look up, confused. You’re trying to remember the last one, you always forget the last one. “HOMES.” your teacher declares. “HOMES.” your teacher repeats. “HOMES.” your classmates chant.

- It is the middle of a humid summer day. You quickly run to Meijer to pick up a few groceries. There is a man on the bench outside. You go in and wander around the drink aisle deciding which refreshment will best cool you off. Vernors? You decide on craft beer. Bells. You walk outside. It’s night now. There is snow on the ground. How long were you in there? Does time exist in Meijer? The man on the bench, he’s still there. He is always there. You look up at the sign and realize, it’s pronounced “Meijer” and not, “Meijer’s”. Fifteen more inches of snow has fallen.

- You’re taking a road trip. You head south on US-127. Your mind wanders into a fit of complaints about potholes. It is suddenly two hours later. You realize you are lost. You stare at your palm, then back at the road. Your palm… The road. “You are in Hell.” your palm announces. “I’m in Hell.” you say aloud. A middle aged couple, laughs. 

- It is the week of November 15th. The stores have become vacant of Red Bull and beef jerky. Schools have closed. The roads, empty. Be vigilant near the forests. 

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