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This will always remain my favorite vintage lesbian art… Do I even have to break it down for you?

I just thought it was a mermaid trapped under ice

the caption says “Are Parisian women becoming more thrifty? Seeing a lot of different types of panties this year!”

presumably half those girls are commando or wearing thongs. this is totally lesbian pinup ads.

If it were just a mermaid trapped under ice, there would be no reason all the skaters above the ice are wearing skirts and are presumably women. also look at that mermaid’s smile she knows what’s up.

I feel the need to correct the French translation, primarily because I’m garbage, but also because the actual translation has a significantly different meaning than what is written above. 

The French says, “La Parisienne deviendrait elle économe ? … On voit beaucoup moins de pantalons, cette année ?” “Are Parisian women becoming thrifty? Seeing much fewer pant(ie)s this year!” 

I know I’ve reblogged this 5000x before but 1. Never with that corrected translation and 2. I don’t care

this is a great ad but how is she smoking under water?

Lesbian mermaid magic

The cigarette indicates it’s sexual too.

Although I agree that it being usable underwater is a baffling detail

I think the cigarette is to make damn sure you know it’s sexual.

Cigarettes were often used in movies and art to indicate that that woman is a lesbian!

Also see how she has 2 fins not one? It symbolises trousers instead of a skirt, another way to hint at the woman being a lesbian in artwork at the time.

I’m just incredibly relived for the corrected translation, the nonsensical-ness of ‘thrifty = more pants’ has troubled me for a while now.


Although it is made to look like a cigarette–look at the box next to her. It’s a sardine box. She is holding her last sardine like a cigarette. So it actually makes more sense than a cigarette under water….

(Obviously the sexy cigarette imagery is still there, it’s just a clever way to work around the water bit)

this post is just the gift that keeps on giving.

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